No one ever listens to a donkey!

A big thank you to all the family members who came and supported the children in their Christmas production of A Midwife Crisis. The children all did a fantastic job with their individual performances and the wonderful singing. Well done!

Amongst the rehearsals and performances we have been continuing to learn. We have been comparing number bonds and number sentences in Maths. The children are really getting to grips with their number bonds.

In Science we looked at the difference between the trees in Winter and Autumn and what we wear in these seasons. Some children gave some interesting ideas about why we have four seasons and they had fun looking at our class globe to see how our earth tilts!

In Art they did a great job painting a winter scene and they wrote some impressive diary entries in the character of Mary in Literacy.

This is the final blog of 2018! The Barn Owl team and Stripy Sid would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope the children (and parents) enjoy the festivities and a well deserved break and we look forward to seeing you next term. Thank you Barn Owl class for a great term!

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Light my candle

This week the children have been working really hard on their addition skills in Maths. We looked at the Singapore bar model method and the children used lots of resources to access it.

In History the children enjoyed playing the parts from the nativity story. Some scenes were very dramatic!

Thank you for all your hard work in making the class advent calendar. There is daily excitement as the children open it and discover who made the box.

We made beeswax candles in class this week to and had some interesting conversations and questions about where wax comes from and the routines of beehives.

In Literacy the children wrote their invitations to the Christmas Production next week. Thank you for the costumes,  the children were super excited to put them on.

Have a lovely weekend, the Barn Owl teachers are looking forward to putting up and decorating their trees at home! Candle red 7th DecToby candle 7th DecCandle 7th DecGrayson red candle 7th DecCharlie blog photoConnor blog 7th DecArron blog 7th DecNativity 7th DecADvent photo 7th Dec

Always take the weather with you

In Science the children went outside to make their weather stations. Keeping up the theme of Autumn and weather they will record rainfall over the next few weeks.

In History Mrs Brindley and the children put together a time line of major historical events in order to put the nativity story in context. The children gave some very interesting answers about when things happened in the past!

Our weekly rehearsals for our experience outcome, A Midwife Crisis are continuing and the children are singing beautifully and starting to use the stage like real performers.

The children have worked really hard in maths using coins to find different ways to make amounts. Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s is helping reinforce their times tables.

The phonics focus this week has been the ‘ay’ and ‘ou’ sounds.

Thank you so much for the nativity boxes you made at home with the children for our class advent calendar. The children (and teachers) are super excited about opening each surprise box next week!

Enjoy your weekends and popping open your advent calendars. The Barn Owl team.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The children have been doing a wonderful job in rehearsing for their Christmas Production. As you can see from the photograph the stage is up so they are able to practise exactly where they will be positioned. Thank you so much for all your hard work at home in helping the children learn their lines, they have really impressed us!

This week’s art links directly to the Christmas Production as they created their own stained glass window which we have put up in the class.

We are really excited about the class advent calendar the children are making at home and want to thank you for helping them last week and this weekend to create it.

Throughout the school children now change learning partners every week and Barn Owl have demonstrated fantastic organisational skills as they move carpet space and table each week and have excelled themselves in their ability to learn from and help anyone in the class. A big thank you to the children.

We had an emergency this week as Father Christmas telephoned the school to make sure that Barn Owl were going to send him letters. We had to stop what we were doing and immediately start writing! Their concentration was amazing!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing everyone next week,

the Barn Owl team.

Autumn is here

This week the children have been introduced to the RUCSAC method of unpacking word problems in maths.

In science they really enjoyed the autumn walk around the field looking at the weather and the colours and how they change through the seasons. This prompted our class weather chart and an interesting discussion about how to measure rain next week.

Have a lovely weekend, the Barn Owl team.


Let’s get planting

After a fun filled weekend of fireworks and bonfires the children came back to school with lots of stories about what they had been doing over the weekend.

In science the children went on a’ walk – around’ looking around the school for signs of Autumn. We talked a lot about the change in weather  from Summer to Autumn  and why we have four seasons as well as how our weather will continue to change through to Winter. We also discussed the shortening of our days and why this happens. The children will get the opportunity to continue to explore this theme during Challenge Time. As part of this Topic we planted bulbs for our outdoor area so that we will have some Spring flowers.

In Maths we have been focusing on comparing and ordering numbers,  using the resources in the classroom- number line,  hundred squares, base ten and our fingers! The children have worked hard and have really taken on board ‘If you try, try, try  – you can, can, can!’ as we continue  to instill a positive mindset in everyone.

We started our ‘Peace at Last’ book and have been sequencing and learning the story with actions and Kung Foo punctuation. We  will begin to re write the story next week.

For the last two weeks our spelling focus has been the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words – please continue to help your child learn just a few a week.

Please can we remind you that all clothing including coats, hats and gloves need to be clearly named.

Have a lovely weekend, the Barn Owl team.



Back to school!

Barn Owl have come back from half term with such a great working attitude. It has been lovely to see them so enthusiastic. We have been talking about teamwork and used our ‘helping string’ to illustrate how we are all connected.

The children have been working hard this week in Maths comparing numbers and have been using our crocodile symbols to show less than or more than. They are also learning about money and the value of the different coins and notes.

In Science we started our topic on Seasons. The children had lots to say about Winter and Autumn, the changes in the weather and how we have more daylight in the Spring and Summer months.

Friday was a day packed with activities to commemorate Remembrance Day. Barn Owl created a fabulous display showing the poppy display at the Tower of London which leads us into our new topic, Peace at Christmas. We will start this off with a lovely book about a Bear who tries to find some peace and quiet one night so he can get to sleep – something we can all relate to! We will be talking to the children about where their peaceful place at home is – one child told us his house was so busy that he found peace in his head (his imagination)! which was lovely!

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