13th May

In Challenge Time the children finished off their Dinosaur dioramas.

In P.E the children have been working hard practising throwing and catching skills.

We are getting ready for our Dinosaur Museum next week in Literacy as the children finished their information reports. In Art the children made ammonites with clay which they will paint this week and exhibit in the Museum.

With such lovely weather we did yoga outside which was great.dino 3dino 2dino 1PE 4PE 3PE 1Art 1YOGEEEPE 7PE 8




Dinosaur Day

The children had a great day on Wednesday when Portals to the Past came in to school for the Dinosaur Workshop. They looked at a fossilised egg and learnt how it became a fossil. Then they got the opportunity to draw some of the dinosaurs, looking at their shapes and colours in detail. There was even a visit from Mary Anning, a very famous palaeontologist. The children’s imagination was definitely captured when she came in and talked to them about how she discovered some unique fossils in her home town in Dorset many years ago. It was a struggle to pull the children away at the end of the day as they had so many questions!

This week the children have been writing recounts in Literacy. The have been rehearsing past tense, interesting adjectives and first person. At the start of the week they wrote about their long weekend and then at the end of the week the Dinosaur Day. As a whole class Barn Owl wrote this introduction :


Excitedly I hopped out of bed and ran downstairs because today was Dinosaur Day! But when I got to school I felt very grumpy because we had to do Guided Reading first.

At last Ms Mead said the dinosaur people were ready so we lined up quietly and walked slowly into the hall.

The second I walked into the hall I felt like I was in the Jurassic period. Could I really have gone back 150 million years? Am I really there?

All around me were these amazing dinosaur models. They were called ‘juveniles’ because they were quite small but they still looked very fierce and just like the real thing but smaller.


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The children have really enjoyed putting together their fact files on dinosaurs. They have been thinking of interesting ways to present and display the information using sub headings and questions to engage the reader.

In Art they examined pictures of dinosaur skeletons and then created their own using different pasta shapes.

They had a great afternoon at the KS1 athletics Festival on Wednesday and all tried their best making us very proud.

We are excited for next week because on Wednesday the children have their Dinosaur Workshop with Portals to the Past.

Have a lovely bank holiday!


Welcome back!

The children started the term on Tuesday with a mysterious visit from a blue creature who seemed to be hurt in the PE Hall. This prompted some excellent writing in Literacy as we contacted a dinosaur expert to help us identify this strange creature.

This term the children will be curating their own Dinosaur Museum in the classroom as their Experience Outcome. We have started looking at dinosaur facts and the children are really enjoying this topic!

In Science we looked at the progress of the sunflower seeds. According to the growth the children were able to say which ones had water, air and light. Miss Mead’s sunflower had an advantage, ask the children why hers is so big!

We are excited for the Year 1s to be starting Forest School this term.

Happy Easter!

This week in science we have been using our observational skills to look carefully at seeds. The children looked at lots of different seeds with a magnifying glass and drew them and then described them.  They came up with lots of good vocabulary like shiny, smooth, dark, knobbly, jagged and many more. Some of the children went on to classify the seeds using different criteria such as length, size, weight or colour.

We have also been working hard on finishing our Experience Outcome Pizza Recipe Book – please come and see it on Friday at the end of the day!

Have a lovely Easter and we look forward to seeing you next term!




All the children in Barn Owl really enjoyed making their pizzas this week. They kneaded their dough and then rolled it like real bakers! Thank you for all their toppings. We hope they tasted as good as they looked!

In Literacy we have been busy writing up instructions for their class pizza recipe book and in ICT the children have been choosing and printing pictures of pizzas to stick in the recipe book.

In Maths the children had to make pizzas representing different fractions.

In Art we finished the collaborative picture of Mona Lisa made of dyed pasta shapes.

The class had a great time at the KS1 Cross Country event on Thursday.

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March 22nd

In Literacy we are working towards our Experience Outcome of putting together a class pizza recipe book. We are showing the children a range of instructions to prepare them for writing their own pizza recipe. Many of them wanted to bring the instructions home and make the objects ranging from bracelets to trucks! Next week we will be making the pizzas in class. We will provide the pizza dough, cheese and tomato toppings and a pizza box to bring their pizza home in. Please can you give the children any other toppings they might like on their pizza (ham, mushrooms, olives etc) to bring to school on Tuesday morning.Half the class will make their pizza on Tuesday and the other half on Wednesday. They will bring them home in a box to be cooked.

Creating and designing pizzas is helping the children visualise fractions in Maths. They have been working hard at finding one and two quarters of both shapes and numbers.

Last week’s KS1 Dance Festival went well and we were very proud of how sensible Barn Owl behaved on the trip and how brilliantly they danced!

In Art the children have loved dying pasta shapes in order to create their collaborative outcome which is a picture of Mona Lisa.

Guitar lessons have recently started at school and the children are really enjoying learning a new instrument.

We are looking forward to the KS1 cross country event next week.

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